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First birthday party at Bee Happy!

So, we had first birthday party at our playroom. How it was? Very excited for us, because it's a lot things what we have to prepare for this.

We setup our tables, balloons fountains, made themed decor.

Our first birthday person was 4 y.o. boy, who loves Monster Trucks.

So our designer especially for him created design for printing on fabric cover for arch backdrop stand, 2 beautiful cutouts ( El torro loco and Megaladon), we painted wooden letters for his name and I guess it looked amazing!

And look at the cake, mom of our birthday boy baked this beautiful cake by herself, can you believe it ?

We were so nervous, because we were worried about our playroom, about impression that our playroom will make on our guests. But we needlessly worried, we received a huge amount of compliments and our guests lived it so much that they decided to stay for extra hour.

If you ever have questions about hosting a birthday party, check out our birthday party packages or FAQ!

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