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Halloween Party and Grand opening of Bee Happy Palatine Celebration.

This month was very important for us, because we opened doors of our second location , what is located at 1108 w Northwest Hwy. Palatine, Il.

We spent a lot of energy and time to get all permits and paperwork, finish our remoduling and play structure instalation.

And of course we celebrate it with a huge event!

Basicaly it was 3 events and we host almast 200 people in total!

That means so many people enjoed our show programs.

We had amazing mad sciense show from our favorite partner Chicago Kids Wow Show (

There were fire, steaming flasks, polymer worms, steaming popcorn, growing foam & more!

Also we had a beautiful bubble show with giant bubble, smoky white bubbles, handy bubbles

And of course we did a lot of activities, games and workshops!

Kids played with costumed character !

And for sure they got a lot of candies from egg hunt and pinata!

That was a great experience and you guys can order any of those entertainment for your next kids party!

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